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Here Is Why Washing The Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar Is Great For You!


ACV is an ingredient with numerous purposes. It is effective also as a hair treatment. It cleans the hair and gives to it shine and reduces the hair loss. It soothes the itchy scalp by destroying the fungi and bacteria. The split end will be reduced, as well. Rinse the hair with the apple cider vinegar and it will provide you with many benefits. Here are some of them:

-It balances the scalp and hair pH

Using commercial products might make your hair brittle and dry. But using ACV will maintain the hair’s pH balance. Because of its acidity, it will eliminate the buildup that is accumulated.

-It treats dandruff

ACV treats the dandruff because if its antibacterial properties. It anti-fungal and antibacterial properties prevent and remove dandruff.

-It detangles hair

ACV is natural detangler and it can be used instead of conditioner. Because of the acidity, ACV will smooth down the hair cuticle.

-It stimulates hair growth

ACV treats the clogged hair follicles and it prevents hair loss. It promotes hair growth and stimulates the circulation. It also strengthens the hair roots.

-It adds shine to the hair

ACV rinse will make the hair smoother and give it shine.

-It prevents split ends

ACV hair rinse closes the cuticles which may help to reduce the hair breakage and split ends.

This is how to prepare the apple cider vinegar hair rinse:

Get an unfiltered, organic and raw apple cider vinegar. Always shake the bottle before you use it. This is the recipe:

Needed ingredients:

-One cup of water;
-Two tbs. of ACV;
-few drops of essential oil (favorite) (optional);


Get a spray bottle and mix the ACV with the water. Shampoo the hair at first, and then, apply the hair rinse massaging into the scalp and hair. Let it stay for couple of minutes. Rinse it with water thoroughly and repeat it 1-2 times a week.

Source: naturallivingideas.com