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We Bet You Can’t See All The Twelve Dots In This Picture

Here’s why you can’t see all twelve black dots in this optical illusion

Optical illusion is a phenomenon in which a simple image leaves a deceptive impression in your mind. You must have seen numerous brain-teasing images of optical illusion, but this one will surely hurt your brain.

This visual of optical illusion was shared by a game developer Will Kerslake on Twitter. The picture has intersecting gray lines on a white background and 12 black dots at the intersection points of the gray lines. I bet you won’t be able to see all the twelve dots together in this picture.

Your brain literally won’t let you win against this optical illusion:


Why you can’t see all 12 dots? Basically, we can blame evolution.

The back of our eyes are full of light-sensing nerve cells, all crowded together, waiting for stimulation. You might think that when something interesting happens, they’d all start shouting and firing off signals — a furious rush of noise. But that’s not what happens.

Instead, excited nerve cells actually kind of “shush” their neighbor cells, a phenomenon calledlateral inhibition. They do this because it helps the message get through — if only a few people are shouting, the signal is clearer.