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What happens to our body when we don`t drink enough water?



Small thirst is the first sign that you are already slightly dehydrated, that it`s best time to drink a glass of water. If you don`t do so, your body will start changing in a bad and dangerous way.

What do you do to your body when you don`t drink enough water?

How much water do you drink daily? Think good before you answer. And feel free to include tea, coffee, fruit juice, soda or any other drink in this calculation. If you drink around between six to eight glasses a day, then you are fine. If not, then you’re in for trouble.

Water is central to our body’s day-to-day functioning. When we breath we lose water. When we sweat we also lose water all at once with bodily salts like sodium, potassium and chloride, which are crucial for biological functioning. These salts pretty much dictate all of the body’s cell communication including muscle operation, and are the reason why you get cramps when you exercise or fitness and don’t hydrate yourself enough.

Not drinking enough water might not have any noticeable immediate effects but if it becomes an everyday habit, then a while later there will be consequences – dehydration. Dehydration is a condition that happens when you lose more bodily fluids than is normally required, and your water consumption is not enough to make up for that deficit.

How Does Your Body React? Signs and Symptoms

Without adequate hydration, your body won’t function at its normal pace and you’ll feel tired through the day. The lack of fluid and electrolytes in the body will result in a decreased blood volume, and your heart will work quicker, pump faster and make an extra effort to transmit crucial nutrients and oxygen to the brain, muscles, skin and different organs of the body. Dull and draped skin, the inability to focus,lack of strength, dizziness, confusion and lightheadness are also some certain consequences of dehydration.

Why Water Should be Your Drink of Choice?


As we know water is involved in almost all biological functioning of the body, and healthy hydration triggers metabolism like nothing else. Scientists suggests that after 10 minutes of water intake, body metabolism rate is increased by 35 percents for both men and women. Enough water in the system makes the calorie burning muscles perform better, faster and helps you tell the difference between hunger pangs and thirst cues.



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