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Woman Lost 800 Pounds and Shared Her Real Life Story!


According to TV station KTLA, Mayra Rosales previously weighed 1,000 pounds, lost 800 pounds. Mayra explains that she was not living a life, despite she was alive.  She had given up in life. After being accused of accidently “crushing” her eight-year-old nephew to death, Mayra first came to attention, which was reportedly “a lie to protect her sister”.

After TLC documented the case in the TV program, the girls actually gained nationwide attention.

After determining that she had lied to protect her sister, prosecutors dropped the charges against Mayra.

Rosales felt like she was a prisoner because of her weighed. However has changed.  She lost 800 pounds in 7 years. The station reported Wednesday that Mayra is 30 pounds away from her ideal weight.

She told KTRK her perspective has totally changed whereas she once lived to eat.

She hopes that her real life story will motivate and encourage all the people who struggle with their excess weight like she once did.

Here is her advice: “Keep fighting and do not lose hope because we only live once it is absolutely well worth fighting for it.”

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/