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Women, You Must Not Ignore These Symptoms – Indicate Cancer!


People are known to regularly ignore the signs that can indicate serious health problems. This is a list of symptoms that you need to pay attention to and see a doctor if necessary.

Long-term bloating

Ovarian cancer is the first in mortality among malignant diseases of the reproductive organs, and because of its confusing symptoms is often called the silent killer.

Experts point out that exactly the bloating is the first sign of the disease, which later develops into trouble with the performance of urination and the stool, back pain and pelvis.

Upon occurrence of these symptoms should make ultrasound, gynecological examination and tumor markers.

Breast changes

The most famous is the fact that the breast must be regularly reviewed because of possible nodules that are a symptom of cancer.

But what is less known is that there are other symptoms that may indicate serious medical problems. Pay attention to the redness, skin rash that is not withdrawing and feeding nipples.

Bleeding that should not be

Although vaginal discharge is normal, if it is long, has an intense odor or contains blood, then it may be a sign of cancer of the cervix.

Another warning sign is bleeding after menopause, i.e. in women who had no menstruation for more than 12 months.

Difficulty swallowing

You do not have a cold but you have greater difficulty in swallowing, immediately go to the doctor. It can be a symptom of cervical cancer.

Blood in the wrong place, frequent and dangerous symptom

Bowel cancer is the third most common malignancy among women, and one of its symptoms is bleeding from the rectum.

Blood in the stool is usually associated with hemorrhoids, but if also occur symptoms such as change and attendance or appearance of the stool, must see a doctor.

Colonoscopy is the examination that saves lives, just as rapidly identifying symptoms, doctors say.

Feeling the acid of the stomach and a bad mood

There are studies considering depression and pain in the stomach as symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Slower digestion

Digestive problems, especially if are long lasting, can point to various diseases – cancer of the throat, stomach or esophagus.

Change in lymph nodes

If the lymph nodes are painful, hard or enlarged, visit a doctor. This particularly applies to the lymph nodes in the neck and armpits, as well as those that can be linked to a previous illness or inflammation.

They may indicate cancer of the thyroid gland, and other diseases. Node biopsy is an effective and proven method for analyzing and determining the health condition.


Fever which does not stop is a sign of something bad and must check the blood count. Sometimes, it is a symptom of cancer of the blood.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue that is not improved even after extended periods of rest and sleep is a common symptom that may point to cancer. Leukemia, cancers of the digestive tract and other tumors can induce fatigue, so it is very important to find a specific cause. Whether it comes to smaller or bigger health problem, it is essential to find the cause, experts say.

Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

If you suddenly lose or gain more than five kilograms, without changing your food habits or exercise, and the course continues for months, it is a general sign that something is wrong with the body.

Persistent cough

Any cough that persists for two to three weeks after the illness, allergy or cold, is a sign for a doctor’s visit. This is especially true if blood occurs in the cough and is also linked with smoking.

Experts claim that smoking is the main culprit of cancer in women, but equally can be diagnosed and disruptive.

Change on the skin

Whether it comes to moles, spots or sores of the mucous membrane that do not heal, any change is reason for consulting the doctor. The appearance of new moles not necessarily may be cause for concern, but certainly visit a dermatologist if a mole becomes bloody or changes the color.

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