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101-Year-Old Mother Takes Care of 63-Year-Old Disabled Son


She’s already 101 years old and, quite possible, also feeling sick to some degree but one dedicated mother refused to stay in bed and rest because she still has to take care of her 63-year-old son who is disabled.

The plight of the poor duo was shared on social media by Facebook page, Digos Good Vibes; though details of the family’s identity and location were not indicated.

Netizens are sharing hopes that the government and private individuals could help the pair so they could live a better life for the rest of their days – and we’ve reached the Facebook page for more information; though none is available as of press time.

What we know for sure is that this mother loves her son unconditionally – and she’s willing to care for him for as long as there is breath left in her body. What a testament of a mother’s priceless and unconditional love!

She is 101 years old and still takes care of her disabled son who’s 63. A mother’s love is just priceless.

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