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22 Second Phone Video Captures The Major Difference Between Dogs And Cats


The debate will never be resolved when it comes to one of the most polarizing issues in the world: are you a cat person or a dog person?

No matter what your answer may be, the only thing that really matters is that we all take care of our furry friends and make sure they know that they’re loved and happy! At the end of the day all they need is a nice place to sleep, plenty of food, and a lot of love!

But for some of us, we can’t decide if we want a dog or cat as a pet, so we end up getting both!

While cats and dogs are notorious for their lack of appreciation for each other, for the most part these two animals can usually manage to coexist with each other. But sometimes, eventually, a problem will arise.

The video below might be quite short, but it manages to perfectly capture the main difference between cats and dogs. There’s a little brown bird hopping outside the door, and mom’s three cats are all in “hunter mode.”

The stalking cats are all imagining how fun it would be to pounce on this little bird and bring it back to their human as a special present. But that’s when the dog shows up.

The dog, quite oblivious at first, finally notices what the cats are all staring at. And at the excitement of seeing that little bird, he jumps a bit which completely ruins the element of surprise for the three hunting cats. In fact, the dog startles them so much that they all jump into the air from the huge surprise and rush away to hide.

Mom couldn’t help but laugh at the unexpected ending, and the dog seems quite proud of himself for saving the bird and scaring away all the scaredy cats!

Source: Youtube.com