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He Had 400 Grams When He Was Born And Wore The Wedding Ring From His Father Around The Leg!


He was born by emergency caesarean section in the 25th week, but was developed as if he was only in the 21st, due to lack of oxygen. However, the small Rayden is a real fighter and is now stronger day by day.
He makes a surprise everyday. We expected that the fight will be very difficult, but it perfectly well develop, says mom Marisa Mondragon (23) of Ohio.

Marissa had quite perfect pregnancy until the 20th week when she made a test for Down syndrome. Then doctors noticed a high concentration of liquid, but that Rayden is unusually small and not getting enough oxygen. Then they gave Marissa two injections of steroids to stimulate baby’s lungs and sent her home for two weeks. When she came back to control, Rayden still did not have enough oxygen or nutrients from the placenta.

Doctors told her that it is advisable to go to an emergency caesarean section because there was a risk that Rayden died in the womb.

– In the beginning I hate to go to the caesarean section because it felt like the baby move and thought it was quite good, but to the other side we did not want to play with his life – said the mother, which eventually agreed to caesarean section.
When he was born, Rayden had less than 30 centimeters, and his father smoothly placed his wedding ring surrounding the lower leg.

Now, says Marissa, Rayden developed great and hope in the future we will not have any health problems.

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