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He Had An Affair For Years. But He Never Expected To Get This In The Mail Nine Months Later


There are numerous comical real-life stories and experiences online, from lying and cheating spouses who thought they could get away with their naughty actions but got run down by karma in the end. Normally, these stories all end up with the cheated spouse declaring victory and life teaching a significant lesson to the cheater, as it is supposed to be. It is an unwritten rule that no one can escape karma.

Here is a similar story about a cheating husband and his wife who did not suspect anything. This story ended up with a pretty interesting twist. Take a look at it and at its conclusion. This is the story about a man who had an affair with an Italian woman. after some time, she told him that she was pregnant. The man did not want to spoil his reputation or his marriage, so he asked her if she would like to return to Italy and secretly have the child.

However, after nine months, he receives a mail….

This man was cheating to his wife for a long time, and he managed to successfully cover up his tracks. He was always careful when he was arranging something with his mistress. The mistress was a young Italian woman. they had exacting rules of contacting in order to hide their tracks so that his wife would not find out about his affair. One day, the young Italian woman informed him that she was pregnant and asked the man what they should do.

The man was shocked, but he knew what to do, as he thought he had everything figured out. He told his mistress to go back to Italy and secretly have the child, as he did not want to ruin his marriage. In return, he agreed to pay a large sum of money for child support and go on paying the sum until the child reaches eighteen years of age.

The mistress did not have much of a choice, so she had to accept this arrangement. However, she asked him about the way she could inform him when the child arrives. They wanted to continue keeping things discrete so he told her to just send him a postcard with the word ‘spaghetti’ on the back and he would know that he needs to begin sending money.

Things were ok for the following nine months, until the man arrived from work one day and found his wife perplexed.

She told him that he got a very odd postcard that day.

He just asked for the postcard and told her she would explain it to her later. He already knew what the thing was, and took the postcard from his wife. After reading the postcard, the man started turning pale and dropped down on the ground, fainting. Well, you probably wonder why, if he already knew what was happening.

He was startled to see the card saying:

“Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Three with meatballs, two without. Send extra sauce.”

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