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He Always Clips A Clothespin On The Air Conditioning Vent In His Car. The Reason? Unbelievable!


Everyone who spends a bit more time in their car wants it to smell good. The case with our homes is the same. No one wants to live and sleep in a stale smelling house. You do not have to light plenty of expensive scented candles or spray air fresheners full of toxins and chemicals. What you need to do is take a clothespin.

For this hack, you will need several wooden clothespins and a bottle of essential oil. Just choose your favorite aroma, whether it is cinnamon, or citrus smell, and drip several drops of it on the clothespins. Then, stick the clothespins around your house or on the air vents of your car. By doing this, you will make the place smell good in the best way. This is an unbelievably inexpensive method. Once the smells starts fading, drop or rub more oil onto the clothespins. Here are even more tricks and ways to refresh some things around your house that do not smell that good.

Trash – line your bin using some old newspapers, and the paper will absorb the stinky garbage odors and you will be able to throw the odors out with the trash.

Garbage disposal – take a lemon, slice it up and drop it in the disposal. In the end, grind it up.

Kitchen – turn the oven on at 300 degrees and put two teaspoons of vanilla extract in a ceramic coffee mug. Place the mug in the oven and leave it there for an hour. Your entire house will smell like the sweet, tasty vanilla.

Viewer’s choice from Kelli Johnson in the video – take a dryer sheet and place it along all the baseboards in your home. This way, you will keep dust from accumulating and the rooms in your house will smell clean.