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Body Shape Reveals The Health Condition!


Particular ailments could be discovered by the length of the legs, range of the hands, waist and other characteristics of the body.

If you have shorter legs you should be careful with the condition of your liver, while if you are shorter you could live longer.


Women who have shorter index finger than the ring finger are prone to osteoarthritis appearance in adult life. The men aren’t excepted by this relation too. In women it reveals reduced amounts of estrogen which decelerates the occurrence of bone ailments. In order to stop it, the people who suffer from these problems should exercise often and consume the advisable doses of calcium.


The 20 years old girls wear bras size D and they have 1 ½ more risk to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes than the girls with smaller breasts, according to a study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association.

It was found out that the fatty tissue in the breast is hormone sensitive, and causes insulin resistance. If you like to prevent diabetes you should have a normal weight, balanced and proper diet and more physical activity.


People with shorter legs should watch for the condition of their liver. British scientist discovered that women with 50-74 cm long legs have increased level of enzymes in the liver that points out to ailment of the organ. In order to be safe from this condition you should avoid alcohol and other toxins.

Source: healthy-lifestyle.info