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Breaking: Worms Can Grow Inside You and Invade Your Body From Eating This Common Food!


These worms can cause many health problems and are life- threatening. Dr Effrossyni Gkrania- Klotsas found out that during one exam that he did on a patient’s head.  This patient had severe headaches and he never assumed that he had parasitic infection. The doctor noticed that because he was eating pork his brain got infected with those tapeworms. As we already said about the damages that pork can do to your health, you should know that if the raw pork meat isn’t cooked properly, it’s toxins and bacteria cannot be killed and it can lead to Taeniasis, and a worm lived in the intestine. The pork has also other contaminants, including the controversial drug ractopamine, which is banned in many parts of the world, including China and Europe. The drug, which was found in more than 20 percent of the samples, is used to boost growth in the animal while leaving the meat lean. Worst of all, many of the bacteria found in the pork were resistant to multiple antibiotics, making treatment, should you fall ill, all the more problematic and potentially lethal.

The second kind of infection is when a person is in direct contact with animal feces. This can trigger neurocysticerosis, a condition when the larval worm infects the nervous system and brain. It is an infection that can be very dangerous because it can cause epilepsy. This infection happens more often in some parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America, but the global distribution of pork tapeworm is rising, which enlarges the number of patients with this infection all around the world.

Certain types of drugs can help you fight this infection, but the most effective method is surgery.

Source: healthandlovepage.com