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Cannabis And Coconut Oil Make Powerful Mixture To Kill Cancer Cells


People are consuming and cultivating cannabis (marijuana) for a variety of purposes for hundreds of years.

Medicinal Cannabis

From all the studies on cannabis, researchers understand there are over sixty cannabinoids in cannabis, however according to many studies, a particular one, cannabidiol (CBD)—also one of the most copious ones—”has been found to inhibit and/or kill a wide types of cancers in the animal model, together with gliobastoma (a difficult-to-treat kind of brain cancer), breast, lung, prostate, and carcinoma.”

What has researchers made very excited, however, is that the cannabinoids in cannabis even have the power to inhibit the stem-like regeneration of cancer cells.

This is vital because cancer stem cells, that are unlike regular tumor cells, are capable of breaking off from an existing lesion or tumor then forming a brand new colony of tumor cells.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil—and its infinite healing properties—has basically jettisoned to the highest as one of the incomparable best therapeutic foods.

Similar to cannabis, coconut is related to helping lots of diseases and has as several pharmacological actions—50 or more so far, including improving cholesterol levels, weight loss, boosting immunity, digestive problems, kidney issues, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, and a spread of various cancers.
Treating Cancer With Cannabis And Coconut
One of the problems with medical marijuana has always been finding the simplest delivery system. Some individuals like better to smoke it, which isn’t always acceptable or as viable for some people.

Often the cannabis can be made into a highly-concentrated liquid that needs only a minuscule quantity to attain therapeutic results.

But what researchers have found, is that one of the easiest and safest—not to say, healthiest—ways to consume medical marijuana is by infusing it into coconut oil, that also makes the medication more bio available.

As the studies show, coconut oil on its own could be a powerful healing agent, however when infused with strong therapeutic cannabinoids, both of which are proved to assist kill cancer cells, it then becomes a strong “one-two punch” against a disease that’s actually killing Americans.

How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil