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Caution: Do Not Keep Your Cellphones Near Your Head During The Night – Here’s Why!


There were five, 9-grade girls from a school in Denmark who did an interesting experiment that attracted a lot of attention, and the images they posted online caused reactions by many scientists, biologists, and experts in radiation in England, Holland, and Sweden.

The girls followed seed development of two identical plants in two rooms with identical positions towards the sun, with equal amount of water, and same temperature. However, the main difference was that in one of the rooms there has been a wireless internet router that emits radiation just like a simple phone. In 12 days, the seeds which stayed in the room with the router did not grow at all, and some of them even died. However, there were roots started growing out of the seeds that stayed in the other room. They grew normally and have been completely healthy.

The young researchers wanted to draw attention on how cellphones, which we all keep near our beds and close to our heads, disrupts our dreams and concentration. They couldn’t measure this in the school, thus decided to show that through plants. Once they saw the outcome from the experiment, they stopped sleeping with the cellphones near them.

It is really frightening to see how much this impacts living beings, thus each individual needs to pay attention. During the night you better turn your cellphones off or place them in a different room, and your computer must be turned off while you sleep, said Nilsen, one of the young researchers.

The experiment has proven that emission of rays is harmful. You have to think about whether you will keep your cellphones close to you while you sleep.

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