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Cut Tomato And Rub Your Face For 3 Seconds, The Effect Will Leave You Breathless!


Acne can be really embarrassing and frustrating at any age and the inflamed, red skin can be painful. This is classified as a skin disease according the National Institute of Health.

According to the NIH, even it is uncomfortable and frustrating it is not dangerous. While eliminating the acne takes a bit of commitment to your regiment of skin care, it does not take a lot of time nor to be expensive. Actually the solution for this issue may be found in your vegetable garden.

Acne cure- Tomato

You can clear up acne and reduce the acne scar’s appearance by using a tomato in your skin-care routine, according to the Home Remedies for Life. Tomato is a fruit rich in vitamin K, B6, A, C and E.
They nourish the skin and help shrink pours.
The tomato’s acidity balances the pH levels in the skin and makes the breakouts less likely. Tomatoes contain salicylic acid and you can find this ingredient in many commercial treatments.

Using it the right way

Health Guidance recommends some of these ideas if you want to incorporate tomato into your routine.

Keep it simple

Sometimes it is best to make a simple solution. Just slice a tomato in a half and rub it on the areas that are affected. The tomato juice should be massaged into the skin and rinsed after that. This is works great for minor breakouts.

Tomato face mask

If you have more time this mask will work on the heavy acne. Just take a tomato and slice X at the top of it and place it under warm water for 1 minute and remove the skin. Then, remove the seeds and mash up the tomato into a paste. This paste should be applied on the face and let it set for 1 hour. In the end, rinse it. If you want you can add mashed cucumber or some yogurt to the mask in order to reduce the painful acne.

Face wash of tomato juice

Try this variation, if you don’t have free time.
You have to mix a few drops of lemon juice with 1 tbs. of tomato juice in small dish. Then apply it on the affected areas and leave it for 5 min. In the end, rinse it with warm water.

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