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How to Detect Negative Energies at Home Using Only a Glass of Water? Here You Can Learn About It


There are many ways of how to detect negative energies at home by using various ingredients, methods, actions etc. However, this water technique is the simplest and will help you keep the harmony and peace in your home. We can’t escape the energies that surround us, but some of them can be removed.

You should do that, firstly because these energies affect your emotions, feelings, the state of mind, positivity etc.

Signs that your home or family member is affected with negative energies are bad luck, ruined relationships, stress, impulsivity, economic problems and other. They will feel sad, restless, anxious, depressed, sometimes without any reason.

Finally, here’s how you can detect the negative energies with a glass of water if you are not sure about the problem:

1. Get a clean, water glass, make sure that the glass is without drawings and color.

2. Cover 1/3 of the glass with salt sea

3. Add 2/3 apple cider vinegar in the container.

4. Pour the glass with water.

5. Place the glass in a hidden corner in the room or area you think that is filled with bad vibes.

6. Let it stay for 24 hours at the same place.

7. After 24 hours observe the state of the glass.

If you notice that the glass is as gasified, smudged colors or dyed green, then you need to make a clean energy. Any strange thing happens to the container may be due to energy problems. In this case, the contents of the glass strip to the toilet and let the water flow. Wash the container well, add the ingredients again and repeat the procedure in the same room for 24 hours. Do it as many times as necessary.

If the glass is the same as you left it, then there are no bad energies in that room and you can use it for some other place.

Note: Throw the glass away when you are done with the procedure.

See it for yourself in this video below:

Source: fitnessandhealthydiet.com