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Do You Check What Hides Between Your Toes? This Is an Eye-opener!


An important part of our daily hygiene are healthy toes and clean nails. You have to take care if there is a slight change that occurs on your body. It is OK to have moles on the skin, but if they are appearing in excess, then it might be a sign of a dangerous health issue. Several disorders can be caused because of old moles enlargement or appearance of new ones.

Melanoma can be caused if the moles change in shape or appearance.

This disease is skin cancer that is caused because of enlargement of old moles or appearance of new ones.

You can prevent melanoma of you are able to detect the abnormality in moles at early stages.

There was an ad-hoc commercial for preventing melanomas created by Roche-Posay, a pharmaceutical company. The specific characteristics of the malicious moles is summarized by the ABCDE. If the mole is not round or circular, then you might be a victim of melanoma. Another indication of skin cancer is irregular borders of the moles.

Consult a doctor in case the mole shows different shades of color in the same area.

A shot symptom of melanoma can also denote a mole which gets bigger or thicker with time.

These symptoms can help you in the melanoma evolution, thus it would be better to detect the symptoms at early stage so that you can fight off the disease.

Source: wittyfeed.com