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Do You Have Bad Breath? Here Is How To Get Rid Of It Easily


Nowadays, having bad breath is one of the most basic problems people face and it’s all thanks to busy schedules that don’t allow people to take care of personal hygiene. It goes to the point where people don’t even have the time to realize that they have bad breath until someone points out to them. In order to avoid this embarassement, you should try to find time and to take proper care of your personal hygiene,  because there are ways to do that without having to spend much time. There are people that forget to change their toothbrush after a few months and to visit a dentist. If you are one of those, it is time to make some changes because it will lead to dental problems later in life. We will present you some tips on how you can prevent bad breath simply by regular maintenance.

Brush your teeth regularly

Not matter how late you are, you always need to brush your teeth in the morning. In fact, brushing your teeth should be the first morning ritual and should not be skipped even once. Even better, you should brush your teeth twice a day.

Floss your teeth

If you notice you have bad breath, brushing your teeth is not enough, you need to floss them as well because the food particles get stuck in between the teeth which plays a major role in causing bad breath.

Clean your tongue

Keep in mind to brush your tongue as well because it has a bigger surface area which is covered with textured bumps and grooves, that leads to the harboring of more bacteria than the rest of your mouth. Cleaning your tongue on regular basis will help you decline the problem of bad breath.

Use mouthwash

Use mouthwash after brushing your teeth in order to keep the mouth area moist because it tends to get dry, and also it will prevent bad breath.

Use chewing gum

You should chew gums regularly because they help you produce more saliva in your mouth, which prevents your mouth to stay dry.

Drink plenty of water

Your mouth must not remain dry. When you wake up, your mouth stinks as you did not have water for a longer duration and thus, there was no production of saliva for such a longer time.

Eat food containing carbs

There are some foods that you can consume freely because they won’t cause you bad breath. When you consume certain food, your body breaks down fats insead of carbs for energy and it leads to production of ketones, which smell bad and as a result, your breath also smells bad. However, if you are on a strict carb-restrictig diet, you can consume some healthy carb-rich snacks, like apples or bananas.

Avoid odorous food

Avoid odorous food because our body absorbs the odors of all food we consume. if you have consumed onions or garlic, brush your teeth immediately.

Stop smoking

Another reason why you need to stop smoking. Bad breath can be a symptom of oral cancer, so the best thing to do is to quit smoking and consult with your doctor.

Say no to cofee and alcohol

Beside brushing your teeth, avoiding some foods and drinks like coffee and alcohol will also help you get rid of bad breath.

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