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Dr. Leila Denmark was the oldest pediatrician in the world. She retired at 103. These are her secrets for longevity. She died two years ago at the age of 114.


She was born in Atlanta as the third of eleven children, and when she finished medical school in 1928 in Georgia, she was one of three women who have graduated at the same university. Leila was involved in finding a cure against cough, and in 1971 published a book, “A Chance for Every Child” in which noted herself as the first pediatrician who defended smoking in the presence of children.

 – I’m very radical in terms of fast food and sweets. For the last birthday, once again, I refused to try the cake and it wasn’t very hard. I don’t consume sugar in the last seventy years, except natural contained in fruit.

In 2002, she published the book “Dr. Denmark said it,” which is a set of texts most experienced American pediatrician with advice to mothers around the world. A year before that with 103 years and 3 months, Dr. Denmark retired, and officially became the oldest active working pediatrician.

She survived two world wars and 20 US presidents. Her memory is also part of the collective memory of the man’s achievements in the last hundred years. After she turned 114, they asked her what she would recommend to people who plan to experience a hundred, she said:

 – Cow’s milk and enough water are the basis of longevity. Replace the fruit juice with real fruit, and don’t forget to laugh. In my case, and I believe in other people, a sense of humor can help prolong life.