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This Dying Mom Threw Her Baby in the Toilet to Save Her Daughter’s Life


Her name is Jessica Arrendale and just like every mom in the world, she wishes her best to her child willing to do whatever it takes for her to be safe. Unfortunately, she found herself in a situation where a gun was pointed at her and her 6-month-old baby.

Like we said, willing to do whatever it takes, she succeeded to save her baby from her violent boyfriend.

She felt like her whole world was falling apart but, despite that, she did the bravest thing!

Earlier today, her boyfriend, named Antoine, started to act all violent and
he threatened to kill her and the baby.
What this victim of family abuse did in order to protect her girl is absolutely shocking, and is a real wonder how she did it!

This is not the first time her boyfriend was violent towards her, he even beat her with a baseball bat. Nonetheless, this courageous mom still found a way to save her daughter.

The neighbors heard gunshots, so they called the police. When the police arrived and waited 14-hours so they could enter, what they saw in the house was shocking!

Two dead bodies and an alive baby in the toilet.

Sadly, Jessica was found dead, slumped over a toilet. When the policemen moved her body, they saw a baby in it. She hid her daughter and covered her with her body, so Antoine wouldn’t see her.
Jessica’s mother, Teresa Ianniello, thinks that Antoine wanted to shoot both Jessica and the baby, but was unable to see the baby in the toilet, protected by her mom’s body.

Source: christiantoday.info