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Eat Himalayan Sea Salt Once a Day for 30 Days and THIS will Happen to Your Body!


If you like cooking, most likely you have noticed that many recipes are calling for pink Himalayan sea salt to replace table salt. With its delicate rose-like color, pink Himalayan sea salt is easy to distinguish from the salt that most are used to.

This amazing and healthy salt can be also used for many different purposes, such as: culinary, therapeutic, cosmetic uses, etc…

Himalayan salt is harvested at the foot of the Himalayas, which stretch 1,500 miles across Asia. The salt comes from a rock salt mine located in Pakistan – specifically the Khewra Salt Mine, the second largest mine in the world. The mine stretches 748 ft deep and has 11 separate stories. Tunnels run nearly half a mile into the mountain, under which the salt deposits are found. To keep the space from collapsing, only 50% of the salt found is mined.

Pink Himalayan sea salt contains an amazing 84 natural elements and minerals that are vital to our health, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus and iron. These minerals are what gives the salt its distinctive pink color, and makes it the most mineral-dense salt in the world. It’s completely natural, boasting no chemicals or additives, and its health benefits are worth the switch from table salt.

Here is what will happen if you start adding Himalayan sea salt to your food for 30 days:

1. Detoxes the Body

Salt and water allow the body to move toxins out of the cells and into the blood stream, where the kidneys, spleen and liver can filter the impurities out of the blood and remove them from the body.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure

Pink Himalayan sea salt has less sodium per serving than regular table salt. The larger crystals allow for less salt per serving, also leading to less sodium per serving. Switching from table salt to sea salt can help lower the amount of sodium being consumed, without having to eliminate salt completely.

3. Gives the Mind a Boost

Fatigue or a foggy mind can often be attributed to a loss of electrolytes in your body. Pink Himalayan sea salt can be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than table salt, allowing the body to restore the electrolyte balance and give the brain a relaxing boost.

4. Helps with Sinus Issues

Mixing a little Himalayan salt into some hot water can clear up sinus issues and improve respiratory conditions such as asthma. Even a crystal salt rock lamp can help. They emit negative ions which helps to purify and clean the air, also helping to clear up sinus issues.

5. Balances the Body’s pH

Maintaining a balanced pH in the body is key to staying healthy. Pink Himalayan sea salt promotes balance between the acid and alkaline levels in the body.

Need another reason to throw out the table salt and replace it with pink salt? Table salt is highly processed, which destroys the beneficial minerals and elements that it may have had. Table salt can cause water retention, tissue irritation and high blood pressure. Pink Himalayan sea salt does not burden the body in any way. It’s easily metabolized and doesn’t cause the body to work harder to maintain a fluid balance. Instead of weighing the body down, pink salt helps to energize the body.

David Wolfe shares the importance of salt for the body in the video below!

Source: myfitmagazine.com