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Five Habits That Threaten Vision And Eyes Yet We Repeat Everyday


Did you know that some everyday habits, we do routinely, threaten your eyes? If you want to keep your eyes and vision healthy then avoid the following habits.

1. Exposing to sun without sunglasses

Besides being harmful to your skin, UV radiation is dangerous, damages your eyes and it can cause various diseases.

In late spring and summer months when solar radiation is strong, do not get out of the house without sunglasses with adequate protective glasses.

Wear sunglasses during the whole summer even when the weather is cloudy.

2. Watching movies on lap top or tablet

Even though it is pleasant, practical and fun to watch a movie or a series or reading on laptop, it is very harmful for your sight.

The screen is only thirty centimeters away from your eyes and bothers your eyes. Because of this, headache may occur.

If, for some reason, you must spend a long time in front of the monitor then at least practice to watch in the distance for 5 minutes or more.

3. Blinking too little when in front of the computer

How many times it has happened to you to forget to blink when you are in front of the computer playing a game, watching a movie or reading something.

Forgetting to blink dries the eyes and causes irritation such as tingling and itching of the eyes. If you have these symptoms after using the computer, purchase artificial tears drops that protect and hydrate the eyes.

4. Reading while riding the bus/car etc

A long ride can be quite annoying, so instead reading try to find something else to do. In fact, reading while riding tires your eyes because they are constantly in motion and are constantly trying to keep focus.

Your hands constantly wiggle when riding and your eyes get tired twice as much compared to usual reading and therefore you can feel headache and blurred vision.

5. Lack of sleep

It is well known that lack of sleep can cause swollen eyes and dark eye circles. This very bad habit damages your eyes. During the night the eyes regenerate and rest.
Too little sleep is not sufficient for the eye to rest well so it can cause dry eyes and cracking of the capillaries in the eyes.

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