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George Drank 10 Cokes A Day For 30 Days And His Results Is Shocking


50 year old George Prior wanted to show what drinking too much soda does to the body and used himself as experiment.

George said he drank 10 cans of Coca Cola a day for 30 days to see how the sugar content will affect his physical health. It did! He gained over 11 kilograms in that one month…mostly in his stomach area.


-I call on people to check what the amount of sugar is that they intake in them by following certain ways of diet. People must be aware of the real harms that the sugar is doing to their organism. For about 30 days I gained 11 kilograms I have high blood pressure, and I became addicted to sugar after the everyday consummation of the soda drinks- says the 50 old George from Los Angeles, father of two kids.

When he started with the experiment, at the end of October, George had 76 kilograms. At the end of November he had 89 kilograms. When he stopped to drink the soda drinks in 4 days he lost 5 kilograms.

A lot of people that have cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are not aware that they can help themselves if they stop to intake too much sugar. The experiment that I made is to show how bad the sugar is but I wouldn’t do it again- says George Prior.

Source: interestingengineering.com