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Homemade vitamin potion with ginger for weight loss


Homemade vitamin potion for weight loss

Nutritionists reported prescription diet of water that you’ll be able to prepare, and which say that if you regularly consume you lose weight.

Here’s how to make the tastiest and most soothing and healing ginger tea you’ve ever had! There’s really no comparing fresh made ginger tea with tea from a tea bag.

This healing ginger tea recipe actually comes from the raw food and natural health retreat center in Thailand, where it`s served  to guests every single morning, seven days a week.

To prepare this drink you need:

Piece of fresh ginger
10 fresh mint leaves
1 cucumber
1 lemon
8 cups water


Peel, finely chop the lemon and place it in a container with 8 cups of water. Do
the same with cucumber, mint and grated ginger. Mix all ingredients together and
let them stand in water overnight.

The next morning when you feel thirsty, drink this healthy potion and forget
about dense juices and lemonades.

Try this simple ginger tea for an immune system boost or for an invigorating way to start the morning.

If you want to see results and lose weight morate this drink to drink at least 5






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