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How To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria To Never Smell Again (No Deodorant Required)


Most people use antiperspirants and deodorants in order to avoid smelliness. According to the latest research, 80% of people genetically do not need deodorants and antiperspirants, but use them on daily basis. We actually smell the most when we sweat a lot. The sweat itself does not smell, but the presence of bacteria in the armpit makes it stinky. Actually the amino acids and lipids that are found in the sweat are broken down by bacteria, turning it into a substance that causes the odor.

Are you aware of the frightening side effects of extensive use of antiperspirants and deodorants?

The armpit is our ecosystem

Just like our gut, the armpit has a pot of bacteria. It can be destabilized from some antibiotics and foods which allow problematic microbes take over and eliminate beneficial bacteria. Balance is the goal. Just like any ecosystem it can be problematic at first if you abstain from these ecosystems, but beneficial and stable with time.

It is not just about the smell

The whole body is connected to the microbial world, according to a recent study. Our attention, digestion, and mood all influence the gut microbiome.

Let us present you the way how to work with your microbiome.

  • Switch to milder soaps as there are strong surfactants like SDS and SLS in most of them. They eliminate the protective sebum that is rich in good fats which protects the skin. This will be a better environment for the good bacteria to thrive.
  • Get rid of aluminum as sweating is inhabited by it. Lots of “natural” companies market their products as aluminum free as this ingredient is connected with many health problems.
  • Check the label as the crystal deodorants claim to be aluminum free. Alum is the ingredient which is still consisted in their content ad this is actually potassium aluminum sulfate. This does not make it totally aluminum free, but is still a better option than most of the antiperspirants.
  • Parabens and triclosan are strong antibacterial that have the worst destabilizing effect on the armpit microbiome. If these chemicals are present I will be very hard for the good bacteria to survive.

Source: healthytipsworld.net