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How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon: 5 Key Tips From An Experienced Farmer


There is nothing more delicious and refreshing than a cold watermelon slice. Watermelons are many people’s favorite go-to fruit during the long heat of the summer days.

However this doesn’t mean that all of the watermelons that can be found on the market are perfect, so for a regular inexperienced watermelon lover, picking out a good watermelon is totally left up to chance.

But believe it or not, there are actually a few useful tips and tricks out there, that can tell you if the watermelon is good or not, judging by the shell of the watermelon.  Here are the tips provided by a professional experienced farmer, about how to pick out the best watermelon every single time:

1. Size Does Matter

When it comes to watermelon, size does matter, but many people get confused and think that the bigger the watermelon, the better and tastier. However, this is totally wrong. The more average-sized the watermelon is, the better and tastier it is.

2. The Watermelon Gender

There are two watermelon genders: “boy” and “girl” genders. The “girl” gender watermelons are sweeter, and their appearance is stout and round, while the “boy” watermelons are more watery, elongated and taller.

3. Color of their Spot

The quality of a watermelon can also be judged by the color of the spots. Watermelons that are tastier and sweeter usually have orange-yellow and creamy-yellow spots. Look for these two color spots the next time you’re hunting for your delicious fruit.

4. The Watermelon Tail

The watermelon’s tail indicates the ripeness of the fruit, so when buying watermelons it is also recommended to pay attention to the tail. A dried tail means that the watermelon is good, while a green and fresh tail mean that the watermelon was prematurely picked and the taste won’t be as good as you want it to.

5. The Watermelon Webbing

A watermelon’s webbing shows how many times the flower has been touched by bees. The more signs of pollination and webbings, the sweeter the taste of the watermelon will be.

If you’d like to learn HOW TO pick a good watermelon and HOW TO cut it up, watch the following video:

Source: healthadvisorusa.com