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How To Treat Infected Nose Piercing And Cure The Nose Bump

how to treat an infected nose piercing
how to treat an infected nose piercing

Girls love Nose piercing. It incredibly increases the beauty and makes them more attractive. However, some of you might have seen their nose showing a small bump the piercing spot. If you have, then you had an infected nose piercing.

A lot of people experience that and that is absolutely normal. There are simple and easy ways through which you heal infected nose piercing bumps.

There are a few reasons why nose bumps can appear after the piercing:

  • Tissue damage — piercing damaged tissue during the process.
  • Infection — if the piercing instrument was not clean.
  • You might be allergic to certain jewelry.
  • Not cleaned properly after piercing or trapped fluid inside.
  • It might be a granuloma, an inflamed tissue that might arise after a nose piercing.

Nose Piercing Infection: Everything You Should Know

Want to get a real nose piercing? You got to have a hole in your nose. However, some artificial nose pins do not require a hole in your nose or septum and save you from the pain.

The nose piercing process requires whole in the nose and that’s an open and perfect gateway for infections and bacteria to get inside and hurt you. But, as I earlier, there are simple ways through which you can heal the bump and cure it. 

The environment is full of germs and dust around us and you need to keep it safe until it’s cured properly. If you do not clean the piercing properly you might get an allergic reaction. Therefore, as a bit of free medical advice, we would suggest that you should keep it clean and safe from dust and bacteria, hopefully.

infected nose piercing bump
infected nose piercing bump

How You Can Take Care Of Your Nose Afterwards?

To avoid the piercing infection you should take good care of the piercing site afterward to reduce the risk of infection and boost up the healing process. Neglecting and not taking proper precautions can cause nose piercing irritation and can make you uncomfortable.

Small tips to avoid Infected Nose Piercing:

  • Apply the saline solution to the nose piercing hole.
  • wash your hands before doing the above step.
  • Do not remove the nose pin until the piercing is healed.
  • Do not play with a nose pin otherwise nose piercing bump won’t go away.
  • Use warm water to clean if you need it.
  • Follow the above aftercare instructions and do not apply anything else to the infected area.

How To Treat An Infected Nose Piercing

There are some effective ways to treat nose piercing at home. we are going to discuss some of the top methods and they are 100% working.

Find Out The Level Of Infection

Although it is a small thing, if not treated carefully, it can leave a nose piercing scar. Therefore, before going for a solution or treatment, it is wise to find out the actual level of infection. And, to find out that you should consult a doctor and then go for the medical treatment.

Do Not Remove The Jewellery                       

People do this often when they feel itching. It is, however, advised not to remove the jewelry as it will leave the nose pinhole open. And, before taking any action do consult a doctor and take medical advice. 

Gently Wipe Nose With Soap And Water(Clean)

To do this, mix soap with warm water and carefully apply it after flipping the nose ring. GENTLY clean the area and make sure to dry the spot. Make sure not to use harsh solutions to avoid the infected nose piercing.

Clean The Area With Salt Solution (Mixed With Water)

You can also apply a salt solution by mixing salt in water. This is probably the oldest and the most commonly used method for cleaning and curing infections and scratches. Just use the cotton wool fabric and wipe and clean it gently. This is another method of how to heal infected nose piercing.

How To Clean An Infected Nose Piercing With Saline Solution

Mix salt with clean and warm water. Make a saline solution and apply it to the nose piercing spot. To make the mixture use ¼ teaspoon of water and add up to 250ml of water. When applying it to the infected spot just make sure not to put it in your nostrils.

Treat Infected Nose Piercing Inside

It happens sometimes when you do some nose piercing. You can clean the infected nose piercing spot by removing the dry skin from inside and outside. In this way, you can remove the dirt and clean it with a dry cloth.

Use Anti-Biotics For Treating Nose Piercing Bump

Anti-biotics are the last solution to any infection. You can also cure infected nose piercing through anti-biotics. However, you are suggested to consult a physician for recommending a suitable anti-biotic for you.

Oral medications are strong and recommended to heal infections. However, nose piercing infections are not so big issues, therefore, you can cream and lotion. Furthermore, to cure it properly apply it until it is completely cured.

Consult A Doctor If Infection Persist After 10 Days

Some nose infections can resolve after administering a nose piercing bump spray. Some infections, however, persist for weeks even after applying medications. A doctor appointment is the appropriate course of action in this case.

Careless handling of this substance may also result in permanent scarring. In case it persists after treatment at home, we recommend that you consult a physician. Continually seek treatment from a doctor if the infections persist after the first visit. I recommend going after it immediately.

Final Words

A nose pin can increase beauty exponentially. However, if not handled with care it can cause some serious infections. If you have read the article properly, then this is possible that there is a solution for you. The treatment for an infected nose piercing is easy if you do it on time with care. Moreover, if you are curious then you can see nose piercing healing process pictures to find out more details of it.



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