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Do You Know The Danger Of Turning On The AC After Starting The Engine


You, your health and those with you are exposed to danger every time you start the engine of your car. Must be wondering how, so this is how…

Hardly anyone leaves their car with unclosed windows and even if the car is parked in a nice shade still inside can build up 400 to 800 mg of benzene.

On the other way if exposed to sun above 16 degrees of Celsius the car inside can accumulate 40 times more benzene, like 2000 to 4000 mg. This is much higher than the allowed level.

All this means that every time you step in a car with closed windows before that, you practically inhale benzene. The same goes and for those with you. Benzene is dangerous and is harmful for the kidneys, liver and the bone tissue. What’s more concerning is that the body needs a longer period of time to clean off of it.

The autos’ manuals express that we ought to open the auto’s windows before turning on the A/C, yet they don’t clarify why, with the exception of that it is useful for the performance of the car.

Medical explanation:

Research has shown that the air conditioner in the car before it starts to cool the air it ejects the heated air together with the benzene.

So make sure if you breathe in and it smells like plastic, open the windows for some time and then turn the air conditioning system on and make sure to keep the windows open for some time more.

Keep doing this every time before using your car until it becomes a habit. This is for your own good and others too. In this way you’ll protect your organism from toxins, because the consequences can be disastrous.

Source: http://www.naturalhealingmagazine.com/