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Do You Know What Will Happen if You Put 2 Drops of Garlic Juice in Your Ear?


It is common knowledge that infants are mostly susceptible to inner ear infections. This leads most parents to have frequent visits to their baby’s pediatrician for treatment and possibly the prescription of antibiotic ear drops. It may interest you to know that you can cater for your baby’s ear infection problem using a 100% natural ingredient.

Garlic juice is very effective in the treatment of ear infection and can be used as a natural ear drop because of its excellent antimicrobial properties. With garlic juice, you can treat your child’s ear infection which could be caused by common cold or flu. Amazingly garlic juice is not only useful in treating ear problems they can be used in the treatment of other ailments as well, such as:

  • Stomach ache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rash
  • Bruising or unexplained bleeding
  • Vaginal Itching and discharge
  • Bloody stool

The Excellent Garlic Juice Ear Drop

In preparing your homemade natural ingredients ear drop, all you will need is two ingredients. You will need extra virgin olive oil and garlic juice. This remedy has been in existence for centuries and to great effect, the antimicrobial properties of the natural ingredients make it a potent remedy for ear infection. In treating ear infection all you need is to use an ear dropper to place a single drop of olive oil in the infected ear and for the garlic juice place two drops only in the problematic ear.

To stop the juice and oil from flowing out, you will need to block the infected ear with a ball of cotton wool. It is better you put the drops in the ear before bedtime for it to work its magic overnight and get your baby to have a good night’s sleep.