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How Lemon Water Can Help You to Replace Pills and Solve All These 15 Health Issues


Lemon has 64% daily vitamin c needed and also many phytochemicals, terpenes and polyphenols.

A lot of experts say a morning starting with glass of lemon water is the best. Boil water, let it cool and then add lemon juice. This gives you nutrients before the breakfast and boosts the health. The lemon juice has antioxidants, vitamins B and C, protein, phosphorus, volatile oils, carbs, flavonoids and potassium. Also it is antibacterial and antiviral so it makes immunity stronger to fight any infection.

After waking up start the day that way to make digestion better, have less cravings and lose weight easily. Also this makes alkalinity in the body and regulates the pH.

These are the 15 issues resolved by the lemon water:

1. Heal acne

Lemon reduces acidity in the body and stops the acne to appear. Also face can be washed with lemon water.

2. Weight loss and suppressing appetite

The enzymes and vitamins in this fruit level the blood sugar and keep it normal. The pectin fiber stops cravings and aids in digestion.

3. Flushing kidney stones

You get more potassium that makes citrate levels higher and stops oxalates.

4. Boosted immunity

It takes care of the lymphatic system and removes pathogens.

5. Gall bladder

With lemon water you remove gallbladder stones or pain. Have it with the lunch.

6. Flu and flu

The lemon has a lot of vitamin C antioxidant  and boosts the health and immunity. It also is antiviral and antibacterial. Have it mostly in the winter for the flu and cold.


After 14 days of lemon water the gastro reflux is reduced and is better than meds.

8. Harder fingernail

Lemon makes the nails hard and healthy and removes spots or yellow tint.

9. No food – borne issues

To prevent poisoning of food, during the holidays or travelling, have lemon water.

10. Fibromyalgia

Mix lemon water and yoga to remove fatigue from this problem.

11. Less inflammation

Acidity is neutral with the help of lemons since it is anti-inflammatory.

12. Less sore muscles post – workout

After such a hard workout day, have lemon water and soothe muscles.

13. Less pain and joint swelling

This water lessens the uric acid that impairs the health of the joints.

14. Less craving for alcohol

15. Colitis

This is the imbalance of acid and alkalinity and lemon water resolves it. Have it daily and make the pH healthy again.

Source: davidwolfe.com