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Mom Has Warning For All After Normal Looking Rash Turns Into Baby Fighting For His Life


Babies and toddlers will get sick from time to time, and you won’t always be able to tell what with. Since they won’t have the ability to tell you the symptoms they’re having most parents tend to take them to the hospital for every minor cough, but others know better.

Sometimes you’ve just got to allow their immune systems to put in a little work so they’ll be better equipped later on in life, though that’s not for every situation. One mother now has a message to all other parents around because you’ll never really be able to tell when an appropriate doctor’s visit would be before it’s too late.

Australian resident La Vonne Palmer didn’t want to be like all those other parents taking their kids into the emergency rooms for the slightest of coughs, but when she noticed some abnormal rashes on her son Eli’s leg she began to worry. Unlike the normal red rashes, her baby boy had little black spots in the center of his. She decided to check his temperature just to be sure she should head to the hospital and her fears were confirmed – something was terribly wrong.

When the Doctor finally managed to take a look Palmer was hoping to walk away with a minor diagnosis that could be easily fixed, but what she got instead was the knowledge that her son was now fighting for his life. The doctor immediately admitted the baby to the ER as the black-spotted rashes continued to spread, eventually even making it to his little fingers. These black spots look a lot like you would expect frostbite to, but it turns out they were actually being caused by meningococcal disease and thankfully it didn’t take long for them to figure that out. If left untreated then this disease has the potential to kill someone within hours.

Caused by the bacterium neisseria meningococcus, this vaccine-preventable disease has the potential to be one of the most unforgiving there is as it can also lead to sepsis; that’s a whole other can of worms you never want to see someone dealing with. The disease mainly focuses on the limbs and brain and is usually contracted through saliva or prolonged contact with someone already carrying the bacteria.

Fortunately for Palmer and Eli they managed to catch the disease in time to treat it and that little boy is fast on the road in recovery. This is why you should always double-check when you think something is wrong, you could very well be right.

Source: awm.com