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My mum’s partner got me pregnant and now he wants to marry me and keep having sex with her

Depressed Pregnant Teen --- Image by © Justin Paget/Corbis

Dear Doctor
I AM having sex with my mum’s boyfriend and now I am pregnant he says he wants to marry me — but only if he can go on having sex with Mum.

I am 20 and they met when I was 15. They were just sex buddies, which I thought was weird at the time. I found him strange — he used to stare at me.

A few weeks after my 16th birthday he started talking to me about boys my age. I took it as fatherly advice.

The following weekend it got physical. He came round when Mum was out. He started kissing me and touching my breast. I told him to stop.

I told Mum and she was really angry. He didn’t try anything again for a while and in that time we became good friends.

Everything changed six months ago. I’d had my hair done and bought a new dress. He told me how he really felt and that he fantasised about me sexually.

We ended up having sex for the first time and it was amazing. We’ve had sex a lot since when Mum isn’t around.

I am now pregnant and Mum went ballistic when I told her.

All three of us had a family meeting. That was the first I heard that he wants to marry me and take care of his child. He admitted his feelings for me are different to those for Mum but said together we make him whole.

He is 47 now and Mum is 38. She tries to wind me up by telling me whenever they have sex and how good it is.

He says he will marry me straight away if I agree to him carrying on his relationship with Mum but I have told him he has to choose.

DOCTOR SAYS: He is a sexual predator who was grooming you from when you were still under age.

His only real interest is in getting what he wants sexually without any consideration for your needs or your mother’s – or your child’s.

Your mother is not behaving as a responsible parent should. She should have thrown him out.

You don’t say how pregnant you are but you need to think about how you are best going to cope.

Neither the father nor your mother are to be trusted to give you support.

The Mix is there for under-25s, whatever the problem

If you keep the baby, the father will be legally liable to help maintain his child financially. That does not necessarily give him any parental rights.

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