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A Natural Remedy That Will Clean The Eyes, Treat Cataracts And Improve Your Eyesight In Only 3 Months… Avoid The Surgery!!!


Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye which can result in weaker eyesight. The condition develops slowly and may affect a single or both eyes. The main symptoms of cataract are blurry vision, halos around light, faded colors, trouble seeing at night and not recognizing faces, which can significantly affect your way of life. Many people relate cataract to old age, but this doesn’t mean that younger people can’t develop it. Cataract is the #1 leading cause of blindness around the world and has been related to depression.

Eye inflammation, family history of cataract, diabetes and radiation exposure are the leading causes of cataract. The problem is usually resolved surgically, although there are many natural remedies which can treat it. Simple dietary changes such as adding spinach into your diet will increase the levels of lutein and zeaxanthin in your body, two powerful antioxidants that can maintain your eye health. Spinach is rich in vitamin A and carotenoids as well, which can protect your eyes from damage. Finally, experts suggest taking Ginkgo Biloba supplements in order to boost the levels of oxygen in the eyes and prevent cataract.

Vitamin C and E are very beneficial for your eyes and can be found in cabbage, blackberries and blueberries as well as cherries and apples. Consuming berries regularly will strengthen the blood vessels around the eyes and protect them from damage, while also reducing your eye pressure and preventing cataract and other eye problems. If you want to keep your eyes healthy, you need to avoid consuming dairy products and foods rich in saturated fat which can promote the development of cataract and hurt your eyes. Using antihistamines is also out of the question if you’re suffering from cataract.


Instead of treating the problem surgically, there’s a natural remedy that can help – eyebright drops. These drops are easy to prepare and will reduce the symptoms of cataractand treat it as well. However, there’s a better and more powerful natural remedy which works better than anything and is made of only two simple natural ingredients. Here’s how to prepare it:



4 cups of boiling water

4 teaspoons of raspberry leaves

A cup of rose petals



Put the water to boil in a pot, then add the raspberry leaves and rose petals and simmer the mixture on low heat for a few minutes. Leave the mixture to cool down afterwards, then strain it and wash your eyes with the remedy every day. Regular use of it will strengthen your retina and prevent cataract in the future.

Source: http://intellectunchained.com/