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I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do So Many Things. Check These 29 Amazing Tricks!


We all use the toothpaste for brushing our teeth, but what many people do not know is that you can use the toothpaste for many other purposes, and in this article you will have the opportunity to read for what else you can use the toothpaste.

1. You can use the toothpaste to clean your iron and with that it will look like you have just bought it.

2. You can use toothpaste for washing your dirty hands, and it is really effective and it is maybe one of the best methods of washing your hands.

3. You can remove car scratches with the help of toothpaste. All you have to do is to pick up a soft cloth and to apply some toothpaste on it and to rub it on the scratches and after that with clean cloth to clean it again.

4. You can treat the pimples almost immediately with applying the toothpaste on the pimples.

5. You can clean your phone with the help of toothpaste.

6. You can also clean your snickers with the help of toothpaste. All you have to do is to rub your snickers with the toothpaste with the help of old toothbrush or sponge.

7. You can use the toothpaste to remove the stains of the glasses and cups on your tables.

8. You can fix CD and DVD with the toothpaste with rubbing a little bit toothpaste on the scratches on the CDs and with that they will never skip.

9. You can clean the enamel stains with the help of toothpaste.

10. With applying a thin layer of toothpaste on the goggles you can prevent fogging and with that you will clean them fast and easy.

11. Ink stains on shirts will be gone. Just apply some toothpaste on the stains on the shirt and leave it like that for one day and after that wash it off with water.

12. You can clean the accumulated dirt from the headlights of your car with apply some toothpaste on a sponge and rubbing the car headlights.

13. If you want to make your footwear to smell fresh you should start cleaning your footwear with toothpaste.

14. Toothpaste is also effective in cleaning carpets just rub the carpet with a sponge that has a toothpaste applied on.

15. You can hang posters with the toothpaste, so this means that it can be used as glue. This is important to know if you do not want to damage the walls when you are going to remove the poster from the wall.

16. You can make the keys on old piano to be white again with applying some toothpaste on them.

17. You can make your silver look like new with rubbing it with toothpaste. This is excellent replacement for the expensive silver-cleaning products.

18. You can clean your thermos with the help of toothpaste all you have to do is to fill it with warm water and to add a little bit of toothpaste, and then to shake. Your thermos will be clean and disinfected and they will not smell bad.

19. You can eliminate the dye stains on the towels with the help of toothpaste.

Source: healthyfoodtipsandtricks.com