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Do not eat fruit after a meal – eye-opening information!


You may think that buying and munching on your fruit is pretty much everything you have to do when it comes to eating healthy, but trust me, it isn’t that simple.

It’s pretty much important to eat your fruits right.

Eating fruits before you eat anything will boost our body’s detox function, and you get the energy needed to melt pounds and perform your daily activities.

What happens when you eat your breakfast, and then a serving of fresh fruit?

Fruit tends to “head” straight to the intestines, but the breakfast you’ve just eaten will prevent that. So, the food you ate will rot, ferment and turn into acid. Who on Earth wants that?

The moment fruit touches the rest of the food in your stomach and the digestive juices, everything turns into a big ball of rotten food. Yes, always eat your fruit before you eat or drink anything.

“Every time I eat watermelon I burb, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I eat a banana I feel like I’m getting nauseous, etc.”

None of this will happen if you eat your serving of fruit on an empty stomach.

Fruit reacts with the putrefying of other foods, which makes you bloated. Eat your fruits first, and you won’t be dealing with graying, balding, nervous outburst, and dark circles under your eyes.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, who conducted a research on this subject, claims that certain foods such as orange and lemon are acidic will not cause that, as all fruits become alkaline in our body.

Always drink fresh fruit juice! Avoid canned, packed and bottled fruit juice. Never drink juices that have been heated up. You should also avoid cooked fruits, because they won’t give you the nutrients your body needs. It’s just the taste you get.

High temperatures “kill” the vitamins. Eating a whole fruit is much better than juicing it. Slowly sip your fruit juice.

You can also try the 3-day fruit diet in order to cleanse and detoxify your body. During this period you should eat fruits and drink fresh fruit juices. The results will surprise you!

If you had this habit, now it’s the right time to stop! Do not eat fruit after a meal!

Source: youmehealthy.com