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Do Not Use Your Phone While It Is Charging. You’ve Been Warned!


Cell phone injuries are pretty rare, but they do happen. Gabbie Fedro, 13, has suffered some pretty severe burns after her cell phone charger overheated and caused her second-degree burns. Her T-Mobile LG d500 was a Christmas present and caused her this accident.

Her father retells how he was at their home and heard screaming coming from his daughter’s bedroom. Her mothers says that she was terrified when she saw her daughter running downstairs, grabbing her neck and screaming hysterically because of the pain. There are other cases and events in which phone chargers have shown to be dangerous. Most of the accidents come from overheating of the phone’s lithium-ion batteries, which can lead to explosions and burns.

There was a case in June 2014 when a defective USB phone charger caused the death of a woman. This Australian woman, mother of two, Sheryl Anne Aldeguer died from this faulty USB phone charger which sent a high current through her body while she was wearing headphones and talking on the phone at the same time.

The problem was that at that time, her phone was plugged into a wall socket. This event was reasonably paid a lot of attention to, as it represents a public alert about cheap electronics. It also stimulated Fair Trading to issue a warning over the sale of unapproved USB chargers on the territory of New South Wales.


  • In 2010, a Colorado tot suffered third-degree burns after she put an Apple USB cable into her mouth. Of course, she was distressed. The USB cable was plugged into a laptop, the Denver Channel reports.
  • A defective USB charger caused the death of a woman in Australia in 2014, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. This woman was allegedly electrocuted while she was talking on the phone. The charger of the phone was to blame for the accident.
  • A Chinese woman was supposedly electrocuted while using a defective charger in 2013. Apple investigated this case and then posted a caution to its Chinese website urging consumers to avoid using third-party chargers.

Nevertheless, if your mobile phone and mobile phone charger work properly and adequately, there is no explicit or inherent danger. In addition, the practice of using the cell phone while it is being charged is repeated thousands of times daily all over the world without any incident or injury. This is particularly true in an age when people use their smart phoned non-stop and for a great part of the day, not only when they make or take phone calls.


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