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NUTELLA: Filled With Artificial Petroleum Based Flavors, Powdered Milk From Sick Cows, GMO Soya, Aspartames And Various Sugars! BE CAREFUL


Nutella is the name of a brand, sweet creamy spread from hazelnuts, produced by the famous Italian company Ferrero. Although Nutella appeared for the first time on the market in 1964, its predecessor, the spread Super Cream, existed since 1951. Super Cream was developed from a previous product, Pasta Gianduja, from 1946, by Pietro Ferrero, founder of the company. The main ingredient, hazelnut, is a typical product from a province in Piemont from which the family Ferrero is, according to Atma.

All of these products were predecessors of the products today, mixture of chocolate and hazelnut developed in Italy after the excessive taxation of cocoa that disabled the normal production of chocolate. In 1963, Pierro’s son, Michele Ferrero decided to perfect the Super Cream with the intention of spreading the brand over Europe. So, they changed some of its ingredients, photography and product name (Nutella- from the English word nut), and its logo which remained unchanged until today.

The first Nutella from the factory of the family Ferrero in Alba came out on the 20th of April 1964. The product was a great success and gained enormous popularity that continues even today.  The precise content of the product is a strongly kept secret of the Ferrero Company. According to the package, the main ingredients are sugar, various vegetable oils i.e. hazelnuts and cocoa (these products make up only 20% of the product). Moreover, the Nutella recipe is not the same in all countries. For example, in Italy, it contains less sugar than the one in France. It is sold as a hazelnut spread since according to the Italian law; it does not have the enough cocoa concentration in order to be a chocolate spread.

Despite being popularized as a healthy breakfast for children, Nutella contains around 50% fat and 50 % of sugar thus justifying the hyperactivity of children nowadays.



A lot of people will oppose to this claim since Asian cultures have been consuming soya for decades and we presume that it is good for us. In fact, Asian cultures consume very small amounts of naturally grown soya, not even close as we do. More precisely, in this case we are talking about soya lecithin, an enemy of ours because it is closely related to thyroid depression, uncontrolled increase of body weight, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycle, premature puberty, breast cancer, etc.


Sugar from genetically modified sugar beet is very cheap and filled with pesticides i.e. modified sugar which our body does not recognize as sugar. These sugars are also called neurotoxins due to their ability to surpass the blood brain barrier and cause death of brain cells. Also, sugar is related to ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, migraine, etc.


In the start, forget about the picture of green meadows and cheerful cows, because this is opposite to reality. What we get is not skim milk, but milk with pus from sick cows fed with GMO corn, antibiotics and who knows what else so that the process is cheaper. The end result is white liquid without taste or smell referred to as milk, but this is actually added powdered milk is filled with the most dangerous type of cholesterol ever.


The label says no added colors, how convenient, but this is a lie since they forgot to mention the artificial flavors such as vanillin. This is a monosodium glutamate, also known as E621. It deceives your brain and you think that you taste actual vanilla. Moreover, this compound is highly dangerous because it causes addiction relating to the brain receptors thus causing release of serotonin hormone. Another interesting fact is that it is very cheaply produced in China on the basis of petroleum, and China is the leading manufacturer of vanillin in the world and main distributer to foodstuffs industries around the world.

It is high time we put an end and say no to neurotoxins and GMO sugars, cheap and artificial vanillin- say no to NUTELLA, a legal poison for us and our closest ones.

There are alternatives-chocolate and hazelnut spread types for a reasonable price and organically grown, additive-free which can be bought in healthy food stores. What’s more, you can make your own chocolate spread in the comfort of your own homes.


Source: http://healthytipsworld.com/