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She Presses Her Ear With Clothespin Everyday… See Why


As reflexology has shown us, pressing some points on your body can eliminate pain and aches in other, totally unrelated body parts. This is a medicine field that has becoming more and more popular because of its effectiveness. The ear is pretty interesting pressing point as numerous nerve endings are located in it and thus, by pressing the ear, you can efficiently alleviate pain.

You can press certain nerves with a clothespin and thus ease discomfort and pain. It sounds unbelievably, but it works. There are six pressing points on the ear, linked to different body parts, and if you press them, you can get incredible effects. We give you the list of the six miraculous points and the body parts they are linked to. You can also take a look at the picture, where the exact position of every point is given with numbers accordingly.

1. Back and shoulders

Pressing the upper part of your ear will alleviate the back pain and the pain in the shoulders. You can press a clip on the upper part of the ear for one minute and the tension and the pain in the back will be gone. If you want to feel the effects as soon as possible, repeat the procedure several times a day.

2. Organs

There is a point on the ear linked to all organs in the body, so pressing and massaging this point several times a day will make the discomfort or the pain you feel on the inside go away. Still, if the pain does not go away, you should go and visit your doctor.

3. Joints

There is a pressure point on the ear connected to the joints, so you can alleviate the pain and the pressure in the joints by pressing a clothespin on this point. The results can be instant. However, if the pain is constant and chronic, you should go to the doctor and ask for medical attention.

4. Sinuses and throat

The lower part of your ear is connected to the sinuses and the throat, so if you suffer from sinus infection or sore throat you should press a clothespin on this part of the ear and you will be amazed by the results.

5. Digestion

You can solve certain digestive issues by pressing the point just above the earlobe. If you have cramps in your abdomen or if you feel a pain in the abdomen, you can get rid of it by pressing this point. You can also use this technique as a precaution.

6. The head and heart

Inside the ear there is a point connected to the two major body organs. You can get rid of headaches and smaller cardiovascular issues by applying pressure using a clothespin or your fingers.

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