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Researchers Say: Intelligence Is Passed From The Mothers, Not From The Fathers


According to the latest researches, children inherit the intelligence from the feminine, the X gene, it possesses a great number of genes, and most of them have an influence on the cognitive abilities.

It was generally stated that children equally inherit their intelligence from their parents from both of the parents. However, it was discovered that mothers have a greater impact on the cognitive abilities of their children than the fathers.

This research is polemic. A lot of studies exposed the vague functioning of the intelligence, arouse a discussion. Genetics, with the regards to this, represents a complicated and versatile scientific field. Many researches that have been done recently had the aim to contradict or change the similar researches which have been previously done.  It is essential to present and study out the findings objectively. This is more interesting that the study seems very entertaining, and its main goal is to entertain and intriguing.

What is the function of the X and Y chromosomes?

Chromosomes are thread-like structures that consist of protein and nucleic acids, carrying genetic information. Each human being carries a pair of chromosomes in each cell. Males have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.

Conditioned genes are genetic-specific. The genetic characteristics of the conditioned genes are activated or deactivated regarding the specific designation, resulting in influence on the genetic properties. These genes consist of tagging system and they mainly consist of biochemical materials. This system can do the following functions: determining the activated or deactivated conditions in the human body and defining the origin of the genes.

Activated genes influence the genetic development, while the deactivated genes do not have an impact at all.

If some of the characteristics of a certain person are inherited by the mother, the paternal genes are deactivated. If some characteristics are inherited by the father the maternal genes are deactivated. The function of the conditioned genes are actually the basis for the intelligence researches.

Interrelated history and findings of the study

The X chromosome mainly influences the cognitive abilities, meaning that cognition is more influence by women, because the possess two of the X chromosomes. Males possess only one of this chromosome. It is more related to the theory rather than the number of the X chromosomes. The major role here is attributed to the conditioned genes. Intelligence is regarded as conditioned gene, and this gene is inherited by the mother.

In the study, mice were the subjects of the research. They were used by scientists in order to examine their hypothesis, discovering that embryonic subjects which were conducted by maternal genetic material evolved a greater cranium and brain, evolving a smaller body. Embryonic subjects which were conducted paternal genetic material evolved a bigger body, while cranium and the brain were smaller.

Researchers restricted some of their observations related to the brain and the cranium size. They identified six parts of the brain which consist of either maternal or paternal material. Then, then did not identified any paternal genes in the cerebral cortex that is a part of the brain effective for supervisory functioning, including logical reasoning, planning, advanced thinking, languages, etc. it has been known that mothers have got an influence on the children’s intelligence. A study from 1984, at the University of Cambridge, examined the development of brain, also known as co-evolution, and the genomic conditioning. The maternal genetic material has got an enormous impact on the brain development. There were studies done in the past with similar findings. In one study, a group of researchers at the Governmental Agency in Scotland investigated around 12,686 people aged between 14 and 22. They were interviewed each year while their intellectual development was taken into consideration, and other factors like education and ethnicity. They concluded that the IQ from the mothers was discovered to be the main predictor of intelligence in children.

According to these studies, intelligence is going to be the subject of assessment and evaluation, and there are no findings about the inherited intelligence that were totally accepted. Mothers have got a great impact on the cognitive abilities of the children. It is not related to genetic, however. Intellectual development for children is also associated with nourishments and taking care, and they are overtaken by the mother. The special bond between the child and the mother stimulate them to investigate the world and resolve the issues. Mothers have greater influence on the intellectual development on the children than it can be claimed by genetic experiments. The findings of the study support the idea that children inherit their intelligence from the mothers.

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