Home General Health Say Goodbye to Diabetes and Excess Kilograms Without Any Special Effort! (Recipe)

Say Goodbye to Diabetes and Excess Kilograms Without Any Special Effort! (Recipe)


Diabetes is common life-long health condition. It happens when a person has too much glucose in the blood, because the pancreas cannot make enough insulin.

In case of diabetes, the body is not able to produce enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels in normal. Officially, there is still not found cure for diabetes, but it can be controlled, and you can lead a normal life.

It is well known that insulin can normalize blood sugar levels. So, if you are diabetics you can try to avoid the daily tingling. We suggest you to try some natural treatment before you go with the insulin. But, if you are already using insulin, you can try to reduce the amount and stimulate pancreas to work.

Here is our simple but very effective recipe that is going to normalize the blood sugar levels and remove excess of fluids from the body!


A bottle of mineral water (2 l)
One leek with roots

Method of Preparation:

Pour about 2 ounces from those 2 litters of water, and then put the leek with small roots that you previously washed well and cleansed it nicely from the soil. Leave it to rest for 24 hours and then consume it as a substitute of water. When you have finished with the liquid, prepare another dosage in the same way. The quantity of this remedy is not limited, so you can drink as much as you need!

Source: myhealthylifevision.net