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The Shape Of Your Nose Tells a Ton About Your Personality!


This may sound weird, but psychologists find it actually true. Yes – The shape of your nose can say many things about your personality. The study was found by the famous Professor Abraham Tamir, from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. The results from this case were published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. Bellow in this article you can find more stuff about this.

We are going to describe the special character properties for 8 different nose forms:

1. Nubian nose

The first one – the Nubian form. This type of nose shape distinguishes itself due to its length. The bridge is almost straight while the wide point of the nose points downwards. These people tend to be very inquisitive and curious. People with this nose shape are optimistic and often try to accommodate others. Most often they focus on the solution when a problem appears. These people are lovely and open minded.

2. The Greek nose

The name is from the sculptures of the Greek antiquity. The reason for this is that many of them were given this nose by the artists. he Greek nose shape distinguishes itself through its narrow length and straightness. Typical ting about people with this kind of nose is-they are reserved, they are never attention freaks. It’s about practical people who are very loyal. The have difficulte with showing their feeling and to talk openly about them

3. The hooknose

Most often around the world this nose shape is compared with a bird’s beak. It looks like it is bent from the base of the nose bone to the tip. If you are in this group, you are creative and self-sacrificing. You defend your beliefs passionately and you are not afraid to take risks for reaching your goals or at least you never show the fear.

4. The arched nose

Arched nose and hooknose are very similar. The arched nose shape is curved from the nasal bone until the tip, but this type is considerably more pointed. If you are in this group of people you are closely connected with your work or whatever you choose to do and you have amazing organizational skills.

5. The button nose

This is a short nose that looks almost dainty. The button nose is the most popular of all the types because it is not so conspicuous. This group of people tend to be very spontaneous in their decisions, which is great, but sometimes can annoy other people. It’s about strong-minded people who prefer to get down to business. These people are determined and that’s why they get what they want.

6. The straight nose

This shape is usually common for people in Asia. It’s about straight and a bit flatter nose than most of the other forms. The tips is round and the nostrils are wide. These people have a strong character. They tend to be very temperamental and passionate. Don’t test these people’s patience, because they can get very angry.

7. The concave nose

The concave nose has a small arch on the nose bone. It is not particularly conspicuous since the entire form looks somewhat petite. These people are kind and will always help others who are suffering or having problems. The bad thing is because they are sensitive. They are often easily offended or hurt.

8. The crooked nose

These kind of nose is typical for people with a loving character. The bridge of the nose stands out while the tip is very rounded. These people are good listeners which makes them wonderful friends or partners. They are very tuned into what they do.

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