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Shocking Story – Twins Have One Mother, but Two Fathers!


Two twins from Vietnam have been so different in the physical appearance that their parents thought the babies have been switched in the hospital. For that reason DNA test was overtaken which showed that the twins were not from the same father.

However, the main issue was that the woman that gave birth to both of them was their biological mother.

One of the twins had straight, while the other one had curly hair. There were too many difference between the two babies. The DNA tests showed that the father was biological father only to one of the twins, while the other father was the mother’s lover. There is a medicinal explanation for this even though it sounds impossible

This kind of pregnancy is called superfecundation which is an impregnation on 2 or ova at the same cycle with the sperm which come from two or more separate acts of sexual intercourses. There are only 10 such cases in the world.

How the couple reacted on these results is not known.

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