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Shocking Study Finds that Bras ACTUALLY Contribute to Back Pain


I am not a large woman, only 5’4″ and 110 pounds with 34 C cups, so proportionally you could say I have two medium double shot lattes.

Yes, I was in pain for my first few months without a bra.

That’s the first thing almost every woman asks; “Doesn’t it hurt?” followed by, “Maybe you can live without a bra, but my tig ol’ bitties hurt without support.”

There are extenuating circumstances, of course. But unless you have a major weight, hypothyroid or other medical issue, it’s way more likely that you just have wimpy pecs, bra.

No judgments though. Most women start wearing support around 10-12 years old so our pectoral muscles are never given a chance to properly develop.

Doctors conducting this five year study of large breasted women found bras actually contribute to back pain by shifting the weight to the shoulders. After this study, apparently about 80 percent of participants decided to stop wearing bras since it rendered them symptom-free.I mean sure, keep a sports bra around for that upcoming jump rope championship and a few frilly pretties for playtime, but women have managed to thrive without this “necessary” device for most of human history.

That said, if you’re gonna fly free, you might not want to go cold turkey.

It will be easier if you wean those puppies off the bra.

I started by not wearing mine on weekends and began lightweight extension weight training. It’s tough, but helps you target specific muscle groups (like the pecs). (Tip: The weights I had were too heavy for resistance work, but I found soup cans to be the perfect alternative that I can control to the ounce.)

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