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Why You Shouldn’t Even Think To Put These 14 Cancer-Causing Foods In Your Mouth


The American Institute for Cancer recently conducted a study that has discovered that the majority of cancers can be easily prevented.

Medical experts claim that up to 70% of all cancers are preventable with the currently available data and simple alterations in the lifestyle and diet. That’s great, isn’t it? We will show you what lifestyle and dietary changes you should make – they will not just improve the health, but they will help you avoid the toxins that increase the chances of developing cancer.

Remember this – you need to stop eating these fourteen foods that cause cancers:

Cans lined with BPA – first you should know that BPA is often found in hard plastics and are used to coat the metal cans. You’ll be really shocked when you discover that numerous studies in animals and cells have associated this ingredient with numerous ailments, including cancer, obesity, infertility and diabetes. Unless the canned food is labeled BPA free, it probably contains bisphenol-A (or BPA). BPA can also be found in various dental composites and plastic products.

Smoked and Cured Foods – Do you know what are nitrites and nitrates? Nitrites and nitrates act as preservatives and keep our food from becoming spoiled and also they add color to the meats. However, when you cook these two compounds, nitrates and nitrites turn into the by-products known N-nitroso compounds, like nitrosamides and nitrosamines. These compounds are linked to an increased likelihood of developing cancer.

Farmed Fish – a recently conducted study has revealed that farmed fish have greater levels of toxic chemical pollutants than the wild fish, including PCB which is a well-known carcinogen. As a result of the overcrowding that takes place in the fish farms, fish are more prone to diseases which increase the usage of antibiotics. Experts also say that farmed fish are more prone to sea lice, meaning that they are treated with harmful pesticides.

GMO food – sadly, we know the ugly truth that GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) have become infiltrated in the food supply at an increasingly alarming rate. You really need to avoid consuming GMO foods. Make sure to look for foods labeled GMO free.

Grilled Meat – have you heard about the abbreviation PAH? It stands for Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are produced by specific kinds of combustion, like the burning of wood or coal. Another problem is caused when fat from the meat drips on the fire, creating a flare and smoke, which allows PAHs to stick themselves on the food you’re preparing thus increasing the risk of exposure to carcinogenic substances.

Hydrogenated Oils – hydrogenated oils known as trans- fats are a product created by the people. These types of oils have chemical structure that has been changed in order to prevent the product from becoming spoiled so its shelf life could last longer. A recently conducted study by a group of experts from the Harvard Public Health School, has discovered that these trans-fats promote over-activity of the immune system as well as inflammation and are associated with heart diseases, diabetes and stroke, among other diseases. Apart from being chemically extracted from the source, chemicals are used to hide the odor and alter the taste of these oils.

Microwaved Popcorn – You need to avoid consuming microwave popcorn! This is because the bags of popcorn are lined with Perfluoroalkyls, which is a perfluorooctanoic acid and also perfluorooctane sulfonate in order to prevent the oil from dripping through the package. When heated, those chemicals go in the popcorn. And when you ingest these chemicals, they appear as blood contaminants. These chemicals have been linked to tumors in numerous animal organs (pancreas, liver, mammary glands, pancreas and testicles in rats), and increased prostate cancer rates in workers in PFOA plants.

Non-Organic Vegetables and Fruits – Conventionally cultivated crops are grown using GMO seeds, pesticides and herbicides. All of them are pretty hazardous for our health.

Processed foods – these foods are packed with nitrates and nitrites, and when you eat such compounds in large doses, you increase your risk of stomach and many other types of cancers. In general, processed foods are full of sugars, white flours, oils, flavorings, colors and many other unhealthy compounds and ingredients.

Refined Sugar – one group of scientists have found a link between sugar and many healthy issues like abnormal levels of fats in the blood, decreased levels of HDL, greater risk for heart diseases, higher levels of blood triglyceride, obesity, arthritis, immune suppression and many other ills. Also, medical experts claim that all types of cancer cells thrive on refined sugar.

Sports drinks and Soda – If you are a fan of soda or sport drinks you should know that they have no nutritional value whatsoever. Such drinks are packed with sugar, fructose corn syrup, dyes, aspartame, brominated vegetable oil (which a flame retardant) and many other chemicals. In fact, they rob the body of very essential minerals and vitamins.

Soy Protein Isolates – The latest statistics reveal that almost 95% of the U.S.-cultivated soybeans, that used to produce soy protein isolate, are already “Roundup ready,” meaning that they have been genetically modified in order to withstand the herbicides. The Dietetic Association reported that it is known that these soy protein isolates contain anti-nutrients which can delay or develop the ability of our body to digest the food and absorb essential nutrients in the bloodstream. The soy passes through a process of industrial manufacturing – acid washing into aluminum tanks. We all know that aluminum is extremely toxic for the kidneys and nervous system.

Sugar – We all know that all types of cancer cells thrive on sugars and foods that convert into sugars, like grains, carb, pastas, most fruits and breads. This means that those who are suffering from cancer need to eliminate the consumption of sugar. If you want to maintain your health you should have a balanced diet which includes fruit, since this is not a big issue.

White Flour – Experts claim that commercially cultivated grains start with seeds which are treated using fungicides. Then, these plants are sprayed with various pesticides. They are harvested and placed in bins that are coated with numerous insecticides. They all increase the toxic load. Then, the grains are processed on high temperature and high speed rollers. Chlorine gas bath is then used as a whitener and an aging agent. So, in fact, you consume starch which is devoid of nutrients and packed with toxins.

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