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This Simple Bag Trick Will Keep Your Lemons Fresh for a Whole Month


We all know that lemons belong to the group of healthiest fruits on the planet.

With its abundance of vitamin C, rich content of fiber and minerals, these citrus fruits can provide a number of health properties.

Lemon can help you in the treatment of flu and cold, reduce the water retention in the body, improve the function of blood vessels and even prevent more serious health problems such as kidney stones.

We can assume that most of you keep the lemons in a bowl in your living room or your kitchen. But, that is a wrong way to maintain your lemons fresh.

Usually, we keep onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables in the refrigerator, even though this will have a huge impact in reducing their nutritional value and taste. But, when it comes to lemons, our biggest mistake is that we never keep them in the refrigerator.

If lemons are kept at a room temperature, they will lose their nutritional value and flavor just after 1 week.

So, in order to avoid that, we will present you an amazing method which will help you to maintain the freshness of your lemons for a whole month.

This is what you need to do:

Put the lemons in a sealed plastic bag or zip bag and keep them in the refrigerator!

This will slow down the respiratory process, but will not completely stop it. In fact, the inhibition of the respiratory process of a plant will cause reverse effects, meaning that the plant will age faster.

So, this is the reason why it is not recommended to freeze lemons, but to keep them in the refrigerator which is a balance between oxygen exposure and cold temperature.

Keeping the lemons in a plastic bag in your refrigerator will help you to maintain them fresh for a longer period, actually for 1 month!

Try this effective method even today, and you will see its results!

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com