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Spoon Massage: Incredible Effects In Only 12 Days With No Cost! Video


As women turn 30, facial massages should become their daily routine since the skin elasticity begins to gradually weaken at this age and the subcutaneous tissue strengthens. Hence, if you want to maintain a youthful look and beauty, practice the spoon massage, highly recommended by the German physician cosmetologist, Rene Koch.

Why is this treatment so good? It is very simple. Because in home conditions amazing results can be achieved: the tissue will expel excess fluid of it, it will improve the blood circulation, will make the skin tight and elastic and will reduce visible wrinkles. All this without any additional cost…

If you practice every day, this massage for 10- 12 days you will achieve amazing results. The technique of this massage is very simple. You need to take tablespoons for coffee, a glass of cold water with ice cubes and small bowl with a little amount of warm oil (olive, flaxseed, sunflower, mangold). Then, perform this following procedure:

  • Remove makeup from your face, wash your face and apply moisturizing cream. Disinfect the tablespoons with alcohol and place them in the bowl with water and ice.
  • Press the cooled tablespoons on the upper lids and hold them like that for several seconds. Repeat this 5 times. Replace hot tablespoons with cold tablespoons. Do the same procedure with your lower lids. On this way you will get rid of the swellings on eyelids and eyes.
  • After it, place the spoons briefly in warm oil and you can begin with massaging the face. By pressing gently slide the spoons in your facial lines.

Basic massage lines:

  • By the forehead, in the upper part of the nose towards the temples and hair line
  • With circular movements by lids from the inner corner and again to it.
  • After the cheeks until the nose to the temples
  • From the chin to temples
  • By the neck from its beginning to chin

You should do each movement at least 10 times.
When the spoon will begin to slip hardly on the face, you should dip it into oil.
After the massage, you should wash your face with warm water.
The massage should last 10 minutes. Start with 1- 2 minutes and each day increase it for 1 minute. The 10
th day, the massage should last 10 minutes.
Even after the first day of application you will feel the effect.
Massage with spoons is not complicated, on the contrary it is very simple and cozy and it is great for rejuvenating the face.
You can practice it how much you want and whenever you want, it is not limited with time. But, it is best to do sets of 10- 12 days without interruption.

Source: natureandhealthyadvice.com