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The Reason Why You Need To Stop Wearing Your Bra Right Now!


Until these days, we were sure that the bra’s purpose is to hold the breasts in place and to prevent from moving around(especially the case in women with larger breasts).

Professor JD Rouillion from the Besancon’s University of Franche-Comte and also a researcher in the sport science says that according his fifteen year bras effect study on 330 women ( between the 18-30 years)  wearing a bra since early age had no-effect  on chest support, premature sagging, back pain and reduction in chest.

His research showed that anatomically, physiologically and medically the breasts gained nothing from being denied gravity but they become saggier with a bra. Also, the supporting breast tissue’s development is stopped when women wear bras while non-wearing bras can tone the breasts.

In the research, the women who stopped wearing bra(during the study) had a 7mm lift in the nipples. The research team considers that bras are not good for circulation and decrease the tone of the breasts. The New York’s plastic surgeon, Dr. S. Broumand and one of the Castle Connolly’s top cosmetic doctors, claims that women that are young should be encouraged not to wear bras as they will increase the production of collagen and elasticity in the breasts and the lift in developing breast will be increased.

That is why you ladies don’t have to wait no more, but get rid of your bras and improve the health of your breasts immediately.

Source: http://www.bustle.com