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This Is A Blessing!!! Use This Ritual to Attract Money to Your Home and Change Your Life – Forever!


Do you need more money, but despite all attempts and your hard work you failed to earn enough?  It seems like there is a solution for this problem.

Many people not believe in rituals, but this one is completely safe if you have faith in them and put your good energies on your object of desire: In this case, the money.

The truth is that our daily rituals can help with a lot of problems, but this easy ritual can really help you to attract more money.

Besides the good will and positive mind, we will need several ingredients:

  • 6 peppercorns
  • 2 handfuls of rice
  • 2 green candles
  • 2 hermetic glass jars


  • Boil a water to sterilize the jars  we will use for the ritual
  • When jars have dried perfectly, add one cup of rice and 3 peppercorns in each jar.
  • Place one of the jars in your kitchen and one in the living room
  • Put a green candle next to the jars and light it some hours for quite some time is consumed.
  • It is very Important not to put out the candle but simply blowing it With your hands suffocate.
  • Discard the candles but keep the jars.

This technique is important because we are doing direct communication with something sacred. If you are a believer we recommend that you pray to Archangel Uriel and avoid receiving visitors during this process.

Source: healthylifetricks.com