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She Told Me To Stick An Onion In My Sock, I Never In A Million Years Thought It Would Do THIS!


Not many people know that the feet are in fact connected to the internal organs in your body. Chinese medicine considers them as meridians which are actually pathways to each body organ. Although there are people who reject the idea of meridians, those who are familiar with Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is very closely linked to the nervous system.

Step 1: Slice an organic onion (white or red). Make sure you use organic onions as these haven’t been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals which can enter your bloodstream when left on your feet overnight. Cut the onions into flat slices which you will apply on your entire foot.

Step 2: Put a slice of onion in each sock before you go to bed. During sleep, the natural healing powers of onion will act through your skin. This is called trans-dermal application, which is extremely beneficial for cleansing your blood, destroying microbes, and absorbing toxins. Plus, it will purify the air in your room. Interestingly, during the plague epidemic in England, people chopped onions and left them in the room in order to purify the air and also to help them prevent infections, flu, or common colds.

Source: chere1.com