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Using This Trick You Will Find Out How Damaged Your Hair Is in Literally Five Seconds


Even if your hair appears to be beautiful, some hair problems can be touched, not seen. Going to your hairdresser whenever you find it dry, stiff or like you’ve applied 50 tbsp of oil on your hair is not economic.

So If you really want to find out when your hair is damaged and you need a haircut, then you should try this trick.

All you’ll need is a container filled with water and five seconds of your time.


Take a piece of your hair and dip it into a cup of water.

The results:

If the hairs float on the surface, it implies that you do not have to bother to go to your hairdresser. Because your hair is in an exceptional condition (smiley face).

Yet, if your hair settles on the bottom of the container, it suggests that it is fragile and thin and the only solution to this problem is the scissors.

This trick besides taking only five seconds, it is also efficient and beneficial. Due to the fact that water is able to penetrate the thin and weak hair much more easily. Meaning that this type of hair is much more prone to losing its shape and color under the impact of moisture.

Source: makeyourlifehealthier.com